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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Board of Directors

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud is a national alliance of consumer groups, public interest organizations, government agencies and insurers. Below is a list of the current member organizations and their representatives to the Coalition's board of directors. Charter members are designated by **.


Allstate Insurance Company

James Murray, Assistant Vice President

Becky Abel, Claim Service Manager, SIU


American Council on Consumer Interests

John Burton, University of Utah


American Family Insurance

Doug Crandall, SIU Manager

Heidi Krumenauer, Claims Legal Planning, Tech. & SIU Director


American Insurance Association **

Peter Foley, Vice President — Claims Administration


Center for Consumer Affairs — University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

James L. Brown


Citizen Advocacy Center

David Swankin, President



Tim Wolfe, SIU Director


Consumer Action

Ken McEldowney, Executive Director


Consumer Federation of America**

Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director

Susan Grant, Director of Consumer Protection


Consumer Federation of the Southeast**

Walter Dartland, Executive Director

Don Rounds


Erie Insurance

David Rioux, Vice President — Corporate Security


Florida Consumer Action Network

Bill Newton, Executive Director



Steve Rutzebeck, Director Claims Security


Hanover Insurance Group

Frank Sztuk, National SIU Strategist


International Association of Insurance Fraud Agencies**

Robert Craig, Attorney

Maxi Moody, Executive Director


International Association of Lemon Law Administrators



John Hancock Financial Services

Carmen E. Russo, Assistant Vice President — Investigative Services


Liberty Mutual Group

Swapan Rahman, SIU Manager

Steve Friedman, SIU Director — SAFECO


Louisiana State Police

Trevor Smith, Supervisor — Insurance Fraud/Auto Theft Unit

Major Murphy Paul — Command Inspector



Barbara Carra, Assistant Vice President & Counsel



John Sargent, SIU Director

Gregory Melanson, SIU Manager


National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators**



National Association of Insurance Commissioners**

Greg Welker, Antifraud Coordinator/Market Regulation Specialist II


National Conference of Insurance Legislators

The Honorable Brian Kennedy, Rhode Island House of Representatives

Susan Nolan, Executive Director


National Consumer League

John Breyault, Vice President — Public Policy, Telecommunications & Fraud


National Criminal Justice Association

Cabell C. Cropper, Executive Director


National District Attorneys Association**

Sean Morgan, Attorney


National Fraud Information Center



National Insurance Crime Bureau**

Joe Wehrle, President & CEO


National Urban League**

Robert McAlpine, Director of Government Relations


Nationwide Insurance Company

Kevin Hilyard, Vice President — Claims

Lynne Brady, Assistant Vice President — Special Investigations


Office of Attorney General, Pennsylvania

James Fitzpatrick, Chief Deputy Attorney General


OneBeacon Insurance

Boris Shekhtman, National SIU Director


Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority

Ralph Burnham, Executive Director


Progressive Insurance

Jeff Moore, Corporate SIU Process Leader

Jim Wheeler, Corporate Claims Attorney


Prudential Insurance

James Doyle, Vice President — Investigations


San Diego District Attorney's Office

Dominic Dugo, Assistant District Attorney


Sentry Insurance

John D. Kloc, SIU Director


State Farm Insurance Companies**

David Thomas, SIU Claim Consultant

Catherine Rankin, Counsel


The Hartford**

Matt Scott, Vice President — SIU/Claim Oversight


Travelers Insurance

Kenneth Jones, Vice President


Zurich North America

Brian K. Wilson, Vice President, SIU


** Charter members

Source: http://www.insurancefraud.org/board-of-directors.htm#.U8k0XZRdV1a

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